Saturday, July 23, 2011

Senseless Tragedy

My thoughts go out to everyone in Norway during this unthinkable catastrophe. The strength and resiliency of the Norwegian people will help the nation pull through these tough times. Love to everyone there.


  1. Hey, I just found your blog tonight as I was looking for expatriate blogs in Scandinavia. I'm American too, from California. I moved to Sweden last year for my masters, and then got a job in Stockholm, which I just started. It's so fun, hilarious, and comforting to read some of your observations about Norway, I can recognize so many similarities in my thoughts about Sweden. Hopefully if you do move to Norway, you'll pick the blog back up. You are a very good writer, and observant and honest without unnecessary criticality, plus you love the country. I too, love Sweden. :) My blog, meanwhile, is, in case you want some AmericaninScandinavia reading!

  2. Thanks a lot, Corinne!

    I enjoyed writing the blog, and, as you can tell, enjoyed Norway even more. I can't wait to get back there--and eventually move there.

    Your blog is great too; nice writing and insightful comments on Scandinavia. I've been to Sweden, but not to Stockholm. I need to get there sometime from the sound of your blog. Reading yours really brought me back to being up there and experiencing everything; thanks for that.

    Again, I appreciate the comments. Expect a blog post sometime relatively soon about some Norwegians I've met now that I'm back in America.